Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Click chemistry in solving protein 3-D structures

Long live protein chemistry! Early days saw the use of cross-linking reagents such as DCC to lock in spatially adjacent amino groups within proteins. Nowadays the progress of mass spectrometry and proteomics has greatly enhanced the ability to study protein 3-D structures and protein interactions. Here a group of researchers went to click chemistry for additional assistance. Anal Chem 2012, 2662

See the scheme:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Versita plans ambitious Click Chemistry Publication

"Versita, Emerging Science Publishers", has planned an electronic journal for click chemistry

In its statement, it intends to be :

1. the first, main option, central and most authoritative publication in click chemistry

2. a new hub, new forum and breeding ground for collaborations between disciplines united by the philosophy of click chemistry 

Journal Editor   Dominic V. McGrath, Universityof Arizona, USA
ISSN: 2299-3932 (electronic version); 
Owner: Versita, Warsaw, Poland
Publisher: Versita, Warsaw, Poland

Ambitious yet challenging, since there exist similar virtual publication channels already. 

Good luck!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Click chemistry, condensed

We like short meetings, short waiting lines, fast foods, right? How about a new 3-page description of the status of click chemistry? Highly recommend this article.

R&D, 10/10/2012, Thundimadathil, "New reactions with click chemistry: simple and elegant chemical reactions have far-reaching applications in R&D"

This short account covers the most significant key information on click chemistry, in a extremely condensed manner. Lots of admiration for the author's ability to deliver so much info in so little space. 

Best of all - how wonderful is this: "Due to the simplicity of click reactions, biochemists and molecular biologists are able to make complex molecular systems without much bothering about the synthetic chemistry. Click chemistry is approaching the level of ready-made chemistry as many kits are already available in the market for an easy mix and shake approach"