Thursday, April 29, 2010

Click chemistry reagents offerings from Novabiochem / EMD

Novabiochem Letters 2010, No. 1/10

The peptide giant, Novabiochem Brand from EMD, opened its click chemistry reagents offerings in peptide synthesis proucts lines. Newly availabe are a range of suitably protected amino acids bearing azide or terminal alkyne functionalities, in addition to some intermediates bearing these functional groups. They are designed for click chemistry ligations which possess the following features and benefits:
*High yielding ligation in aqueous media
*Orthogonal to standard methods of ligation
*Building blocks compatible with standard Fmoc SPPS methods

Notably, one caution was given that thiols lead to azide reduction.

Previously a list of click reagents vendors was given -

This list is expected to grow - and that is only good news to our click chemistry users!

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