Friday, December 24, 2010

Labeling of live cells via Copper-catalyzed click chemistry

Copper-free click chemistry developed by Bertozzi Group allowed in vivo labeling and imaging of glycans without copper toxicity. This was reported widely by many media and scientific magazines. A summary on this topic will be given elsewhere.
Now two reports appeared using Copper-catalyzed click chemistry for the same purpose. The key is the identification of good ligands for Copper (1+) ion which allow for rapid labeling and minimal toxicity.
Vu Hong, M. G. Finn et al, "Labeling Live Cells by Copper-Catalyzed Alkyne-Azide Click Chemistry", Bioconj. Chem. received 6/17/2010.
Rapidly labels mammalian cells in culture with no loss in cell viability. Metabolic uptake and display of the azide derivative of N-acetylmannosamine (Bertozzi) followed by CuAAC reaction with dye-alkyne  

David Soriano del Amo, Peng Wu et al, "Biocompatible Copper(I) Catalysts for in Vivo Imaging of Glycans", JACS received 7/23/2010.
Rapid labeling and imaging of fucosylated glycans during zebrafish early embryogenesis without apparent toxicity. Alkyne-bearing  GDP-fucose microinjected and CuAAC reaction with dye-azide. 


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