Saturday, September 24, 2011

Triazole in polymer under attack by ultrasound

Well, it appears triazole, the iconic click chemistry product,  is under attack by ultrasound, reported by a recent CEN article (and many more coverage to come ?).

It would be more appropriate to put the reported "unclick the click" in the context, as the paper did Bielawski et al, Science 2011, Vol 333, No 6049, 1606 . 

 A few things to point out:

1. a very nice piece of work with ample solid data
2. brings sonochemistry to the front stage (again) using current popular click chemistry
3. similar reactions, reverse Diels-Alder and others are known chemistry
4. With a few scattered exceptions, physical methods such as ultrasound, light, microwave, etc, have yet to prove themselves on large scale in chemicals industry
5. Is forward triazole click chemistry aided by untrasound? Interesting to know
6. Note small molecules or small PMA polymers do not experience this untrasound unclick chemistry
7. Note the triazole linkage needs to be in the center of the PMA chain for this chemistry
8. This chemistry does NOT have much to do with triazole click chemistry or click chemistry in general 
9. Triazole group is known for its stability, hydrogen-bonding capability, amide-analogy, and its resistance to a wide range of chemicals 

Well, so much for now. Will work on triazole groupd chemistry / reactivity. 

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