Monday, June 25, 2012

Click chemistry on hair 1

Poly. Chem. 2012, 3, 1461

Finally, click chemistry goes to cosmetic industry,  the fastest-growing industry of all? 

Well, sure thing is that you do need fast, mild, high-yielding, failure-proof, safe reactions 
to be happening in hair salons (on the head). Doe that sound like a "perfect" reaction, in the spirit of click chemistry?

Here comes an interesting one applying two types of thiol-ene click chemistry on hair.

1. Polymerisation of mixed acrylates produced the polymer with acrylate terminal alkene 
and allyl internal alkenes  
2. Thiol-ene click chemistry produced conjugates between polymer terminal alkene and thiol 
groups exposed from hair alpha-keratin
3. Thiol-ene click chemistry produced modification between polymer internal alkene and thiol 
groups from dye -------  or any other fun stuff.

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