Saturday, January 11, 2014

Phosphate-modified nucleotides, DNA sequencing, etc

Well, in those years after 2000, the raging race was on for new DNA sequencing platforms. We know click chemistry concept came into publications around that time as well. 

The earliest work combining these two came in 2008. NTPs were modified at terminal phosphates with click chemistry groups such as terminal alkene, terminal alkyne, and azide. Click chemistry was performed to generate libraries used as polymerase substrates in DNA sequencing platforms. Those were published as patent applications: 

WO 2009/091847 (PCT/US2009/031027); WO 2009/105077 (PCT/US2008/008612); US 2001/0165652. 

In the same spirit / approach, here is the most recent piece of work:

Chem Comm, 12/20/2013  Advance Article for 2014
"Synthesis of r-labeled nucleotide 5'-triphosphates using click chemistry". 

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