Thursday, May 6, 2010

Click chemistry in journal special issues

The purpose is to provide a list of journal special issues on the topic of click chemistry, with links following the titles. They are invaluable resources where a lof of information about click chemistry is compiled in one place. Hope it helps both active practitioners and beginners.

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2008, Vol 29, Issue 12-13, special issue: click chemistry in polymer science, issue edited by WH Binder
Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2007, Vol 60, Nomber 6, research front: click chemistry
Chemical Society Reviews, 2010, 39, 1223, highlights the latest applications of click chemistry, guest edited by Finn nand Fokin
QSAR & Combinatorial Science, 2007, Vol 26, Issue 11-12, special issue: click chemistry
Molecules, 2010, special issue click chemistry, in development
Polymers, 2010, special issue click chemistry in polymer science, in development


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  1. Interesting post. Thanks for raising this. In chemistry if we want to know any information regarding different topics then we can go through the above provided links.