Sunday, May 16, 2010

Notable oligonucleotide modification using click chemistry

Glen Research, the oligo company, has made some notable claims, finally. In the recent "The Glen Report" (Vol 22, Nnumber 1, May 2010), the company announced its move towards oligonucleotide modification using click chemistry. 

It mentioned the earlier concerns and reluctnace and today's final launch in collaboration with the German company Baseclick whose IP is based on the technology developed by Thomas Carell et al in University of Munich (see the right-side bar?). 

This move is based on the maturation of the nucleic acid click chemistry and the availabilty of necessary reagents, such as alkyne phosphoramidites and catalyst solutions.  

Some noteworthy claims are made: " we now enthusiastically endorse click chemistry. We also expect that it will rapidly become the premiere mothod for oligonucleotide conjugation."

Let us see how soon it will knock out the common post-synthetic labeling methods like amine - NHS ester or thio - iodoacetamide / maleimide. 

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