Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Click chemistry in medical imaging
May 12, 2010, Chemical Reviews, 110 (5), Pages 2575-3298  
2010 Medical Imaging and Diagnostics special issue

This issue highlights the current status of medical imaging with two dozen review papers. What a role has click chemistry played in this specific field? An examination shows that seven of the articles cited click chemistry in a wide range of applications:

Fluorescent Analogs of Biomolecular Building Blocks: Design, Properties, and Applications;
Activatable Photosensitizers for Imaging and Therapy;
Technetium and Gallium Derived Radiopharmaceuticals: Comparing and Contrasting the Chemistry of Two Important Radiometals for the Molecular Imaging Era;  
Macromolecules, Dendrimers, and Nanomaterials in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Interplay between Size, Function, and Pharmacokinetics; 
Peptides and Peptide Hormones for Molecular Imaging and Disease Diagnosis;
Multimodality Imaging Probes: Design and Challenges;
Phage Display in Molecular Imaging and Diagnosis of Cancer

Click chemistry in most cases is used as an improvement or addition to the developing medical imaging field. Some are included in patents or patent applications; some are under clinical studies. 

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