Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sharpless click chemistry talk at Nobel Campus

July 1-4, 2012. “Southern Catalonia Nobel Campus” was held at The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia, Spain.

“Chemistry for Life”, one hundred young researchers have been chosen in this unique experience to interact with the 6 Nobel laureates: Sidney Altman, Ryoji Noyori, Barry Sharpless, Aaron Ciechanover, Richard R. Schrock and Ada E. Yonath. Also there were the leaders and scientists from industrial world.

A talk by Barry Sharpless covers many topics including click chemistry. Many seemingly random and scattered thoughts may better be heart-felt when one has gained quite some experience into the research career. Say, illusions, astronomical number of possible compounds, function, fishing, on-water reactions, German chemistry tradition, the huge wealth of chemistry in place today, Invitrogen Click-It, etc.


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